Park Avenue Cleaners opened its doors in 1994 and from the beginning set out to distinguish itself from the high-priced competition. There was a need for affordable, quality dry cleaning and fast same day service. Park Avenue Cleaners was created to fill that need.

Our customers do not need to sacrifice anything to save money at our store. In fact, our store is set up with only the latest top-of-the-line equipment, and uses only the best cleaning supplies available.

Park Avenue Cleaners is owned and operated by David Mitchelson. David began his cleaning career in 1995 and has owned the store since 1999. David and his crew offer the kind of personal and professional service you should expect.



A lot of customers would come in and ask, “How can your price be so low, but everyone else is so high?” The first answer is it’s not that we are low, but that everyone has been paying too much to clean their garments. We have developed a system to efficiently handle your garments without sacrificing the quality the customer should expect. Our staff is well trained and professional. The Owner is the manager.

David works hand in hand with his crew and is readily available to meet with his customers and answer any questions or concerns.

We offer one low price on dry cleaned garments and there is no fine print. We do ask for payment in advance.

You can trust Park Avenue Cleaners to take care of your clothes as well as save you money!